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Big Dawg Demolition has been in the demolition industry for many years and has steadily built a trusted customer base. Known amongst the best demolition services in the region, Big Dawg Demolition aims at becoming a one-stop center for all your demolition needs. Whether you are looking to get rid of an extra block in your property or just want to remodel the interiors, we can make it happen. Understanding the importance of construction, remodeling and demolition, we aim to preserve structural integrity to allow you to make changes to your property.


When you choose Big Dawg Demolition, you are choosing quality, reliability and compliance with the latest health and safety codes.

Our Team

The team of specialists at Big Dawg Demolition are highly trained and experienced. We foster the best of the best and ensure that all your demolition projects are handled with the utmost care. We create the best strategies to initiate and complete a safe demolition and place an utmost importance on safety. We also ensure to keep you in the loop throughout the process and update you on the latest progess and any surprises, if any. We also take additional efforts to train and certify our employees to ensure high quality output and professionalism.

Our Clients

Big Dawg Demolition caters to a wide clientele in Saskatchewan, over the years, we have built a steadily growing customer base. Currently, we offer our expert demolition services to commercial property owners and contractors and provide comprehensive services from inception to execution.

How We Work
Safety First

                                                              Understanding the                                                                                 importance of safety and                                                                     health regulations, Big Dawg                                                               Demolition takes rules very                                                                 seriously. We know that                                                                       safety is more than just a                                                                     priority and is in fact                                                                             inspected and regulated. Demolition is a specialized industry that involves working in dangerous environments with hazardous elements. To prevent accidents, we adopt a zero incidents safety plan that helps us understand all the possible risks and prevent them with the right precautions.


We provide all our employees with extensive training in health and safety regulations as well as scheduled drug screening and physicals. We also take additional measures to keep up with the latest safety regulations and ensure to implement them along with current safety techniques.

Big Dawg Demolition

To know more about how our company works, get in touch with the experts at Big Dawg Demolition today. Call us at 306-591-5865 or send us an email at

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